Looking back thru my pics from 2008 and the first AHRMA National I went to, I came across this one. When Robbie and I went that year, I knew all of about 3 people at Diamond Don’s. But the racing was so much fun to watch and I left that day with well over 450 pictures that I kept… probably tossed out a couple hundred more. How fun it is to look back through them now and recognize so many people. Many of them have become friends, or acquaintances at the very least. Enter in #49j… Richie V. One of those racers I took a pic of that day, probably would have met him by now and maybe even become friends. Unfortunately he passed away before I had that opportunity…but I did get to meet his wife, Teresa last year. And yeah, just through knowing her, I’m sure we would have been friends. It’s a pretty cool thing to hear stories, see videos of him playing guitar and pictures… sure am sorry I missed out on the opportunity to know a great person. But like so many others gone before us…he lives on in the memories of others. Thankful that they’re willing to share some of their memories with the rest of us. And in the end…all I can think is… live life to the fullest, get out and enjoy it, take the time to laugh and do the things you love to do!!!!