Riding mx has given me the opportunity to meet all kinds of different people. Some are fast, some slow, some quiet, some loud, some who like to tell you everything they’ve done and others who don’t like to say a thing even when asked. It’s been my experience that the quiet, humble ones are usually the ones who have the most to brag about. But that’s part of what makes them so great, they don’t brag. But all you gotta do is watch ‘em swing a leg over a bike and you know… they really were as good as everyone says they were. It’s people like them that make this sport really special. Especially when it comes to older bikes. Because it’s what they raced, it’s what they know and when they get on one it’s like watching a magic show. And not just some short of Vegas smoke and mirrors type show.. but the kind that has you standing there, shaking your head as you realize you’re watching something really, really cool!

Danny Doss at EZ JIm’s AHRMA National in September.