In case you didn’t know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. We probably all know someone who has had cancer. Maybe a loved one, maybe a friend, maybe you’ve been fortunate enough NOT to know someone who has suffered or passed away from this terrible disease. Personally, I’ve lost two grandparents to some form of cancer within the past few years. My grandma battled two different forms of cancer, she is my hero. She was diagnosed with breast cancer after doing her monthly self-exam and finding a lump. Because of that diligence on her part, we all got to enjoy her presence, her influence for longer than we would have otherwise.

In her honor, this design was created. It’s my “mx for boobies” design. I’d like to offer it to you on a special order basis. You want long sleeve, short sleeve, hoodie… no problem. I can get it. The colors on the design won’t change, but we can put it on whatever you’d like. The cost will be based on your choice. The long-sleeve shirt in the picture can be yours for $25. T-shirts will obviously be less. Half the proceeds will go to a charitable foundation that supports breast cancer research. I will spend some time looking in to the different ones and decide which would be best to donate to.

So don’t be shy… show your support!

For more info or to place an order, please email me